iPhone 10, Worth the hype?

Posted by / Technology

With all the options for new phones and what I see on the streets is no. Saturation is high, prices also high and service is poor. Internet and 5g speeds are so inconsistent it’s not advantageous to upgrade. I’ve found that with the increase in data and app usage associated with newer phones, the amount of work and productivity is actually similar to the iphone 4 and 3g. All the newer phones and file formats are so large with their consumption that it equals out. As well with so much workflow transitioning to the phone it has increased errors due to screen size such as spell checking etc.. Should we really be using such a small immediate device for problems that would traditionally use more effort and time, or at least quality control.

I was relieved with the advent of 5g, 32gb ram, 50mbps. I can access and view my old library that was previously a chore. Now with a phone that collects huge numbers of photos and documents, prepare to once again be bogged down with too much and the phone to know what to do with. And just don’t lose it, its not fun losing the central device to your flow and still getting to pay for it for another year. Finally lets get into net neutrality..the net has become a crap hole and they want to make and change laws for it, it’s too late. It wont get better. I expect to see more division and less cohesiveness in the whole telecommunications field. It’s war out there, it’s been that way for years, always will be, stay on top of it.